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Stegepande Heirol Belly Pro 24 cm

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Stål Stegepande med høj rund kant. 24 cm.
Din favoritpande når der skal laves risotto eller pastasauce!
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The beautiful design added to the high quality makes this pan a kitchen favorite! The 3-ply base spreads heat evenly and the pan is kind on the eye due to its round design and 18/10 stainless steel. The robust steel-base has an aluminum core, which allows the heat to spread efficiently and evenly in the pot. Suitable for all stoves and the oven.

Tips: let the food fry peacefully before turning! 

Psst! Due to the round edges, the pan is perfect for making risotto for example!

Take off stickers and wash pan with soap water before using it
for the first time. Rinse and dry properly. Note! You may treat your pan in the
beginning, and later on, to a oil-treatment with oil that can stand high
temperatures (for example, coconut oil):Apply plenty of oil on a clean pan.
Slowly heat the pan, until so hot that the oil begins to smoke. Turn of your
stovetop and let the pan cool down. Finalize the process by wiping off the
excess oil with a paper towel. Watch the video of instructions.

Usage: Always make sure the pan is totally clean.We recommend using plenty
of cooking oil or butter when cooking. In order to avoid food sticking to the
pan, let your food cook on the pan patiently. A steel pan is perfect for
cooking steak, fish, chicken, or any other foods cooked in oil. For chicken
eggs or white fish, we recommend using our Cerasafe+ Pro pans.

Cleaning: Let the pan cool down beforewashing it. Wash the pan as soon as possible after using it.

To protect the surface, we recommend handwashing. Machinewash will seldom clean the pan completely. Handwash
will increase the lifespan of the pan.
Caution: Overheating may damage the pan.
Never leave the pan on the stovetop unattended.

SKU: 83324
Weight: 0.98 kg
Dimensions: 47 × 24 × 7 cm
Warranty: 5 years
Brand: HEIROL Pro
Series: Belly
Diameter: 24 cm
Material: Steel

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